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About me


Tech/Entertainment Executive fortunate to have partnered with companies in the digital media and entertainment industry for the past 15 years. I have extensive experience in film, television, advertising, branding, games, virtual/augmented reality, virtual production, visual effects, and web and mobile software development.

I've built and led teams, created company systems and processes, and cultivated company culture at a variety of companies including NFL, Canvas Worldwide, Horizon Media, Vizeum, and most recently Magnopus.

Some of my clients have included:
Apple, Facebook, Magic Leap, NASA, Sony Music, Disney, Alcon, Fox Broadcast, Fox Sports, National Geographic, BMW, Kia, Hyundai, Mattel, Deutsch Advertising, Team One, Huge, WME, Live Nation, Fandango, and Ticketmaster.

I wore many hats in my most recent position as Head of Studio at Magnopus (an award-winning VR/MR/AR and entertainment technology company whose Clio and Emmy nominated projects include Mission: ISS, Pixar - COCO VR, and Blade Runner 2049), where I proudly led a talented team of 100 plus employees. I served as the bridge between artists, engineers, production, and the C-suite executive team and managed overall organizational development and company resource management. I also led employee recruitment and retention to grow the workforce from less than 30 employees to over 100 while being the prime driver in fostering company culture as well as employee learning and development.



"My career life before meeting Kenni was average at best. I was too comfortable with the status quo and was not pushing myself to further my career. Since working with Kenni, I have learned to be proactive about my career and it’s trajectory. She has also helped me understand that I am in control of my own career."

—  Grace Buehler, Netflix


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